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Welcome to the Allocation For Life Investment Newsletter!

My goal is to provide individual investors with actionable investment strategies that were formed using common sense and have stood the test of time. My book can help guide you through the investment process and will show you that sticking to the basics does work.

AFL Newsletter subscribers not only receive a monthly newsletter to keep them on track, but they also receive the ability to own and follow my personal strategies in self-directed accounts at Folio Investing.  When I make a move, subscribers are alerted and they have the ability to make the same move in their self-directed accounts. Following professional strategies, on your own terms, does not have to cost you a fortune in fees.

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 "Anyone can make money in an up market.  You just have to throw a dart.  The real trick is not giving it back when we fall off a cliff."


My AFL Multi-Cap Growth, AFL Multi-Cap Value and AFL Contrarian Folio returns can be found on the right side of this page.


My top 5 holdings in each of my AFL managed equity Folios are as follows:   


As of 1/29/2015    
AFL Multi-Cap Growth    
Top 5 Holdings (Held Since) Ticker Weight
ServiceNow Inc (2/25/13) NOW 3.18%
Flextronics International Ltd (5/8/14) FLEX 3.09%
Total System Services Inc (9/12/13) TSS 3.03%
Under Armour Inc (3/26/13) UA 2.99%
Apple Inc (7/9/12) AAPL 2.98%
AFL Multi-Cap Value    
Top 5 Holdings (Held Since) Ticker Weight
Apple Inc (4/23/13) AAPL 3.77%
JetBlue Airways Corp (11/19/14) JBLU 3.69%
Alaska Air Group Inc (9/12/13) ALK 3.58%
Cisco Systems Inc (1/19/15) CSCO 3.57%
Molson Coors Brewing Co (11/6/13) TAP 3.56%
AFL Contrarian    
Top 5 Holdings (Held Since) Ticker Weight
CNH Industrial NV (12/10/14) CNHI 4.39%
Gentherm Inc (12/4/14) THRM 4.35%
Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (12/10/14) CBI 4.31%
Vodafone Group PLC ADR (6/27/14) VOD 4.26%
iShares MSCI EAFE Value (12/10/14) EFV 4.26%


*** Due to market performance and a strict adherence to Jon's proprietary AFL rebalancing and re-weighting system, Jon's top five holdings can change on a regular basis. ***


Jon R. Orcutt
Founder of Allocation For Life




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These returns represent that of my six investment strategies outlined in my book "Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide To Investing Success".  Order your copy today to discover how I achieved this long-term success.

As of 01/28/2015Model 1Model 2Model 3S&P Index
12 Mo *+4.32%+4.05%+4.10%+15.17%
3 Yr **+5.85%+6.47%+7.13%+17.49%
5 Yr **+7.72%+8.66%+10.01%+15.68%
10 Yr **+7.26%+7.61%+7.89%+7.74%
Since Inception **

As of 01/28/2015Model 4Model 5Model 6S&P Index
12 Mo *+1.19%+.59%+5.14%+15.17%
3 Yr **+6.02%+7.77%+9.35%+17.49%
5 Yr **+7.89%+9.53%+11.46%+15.68%
10 Yr **N/AN/AN/AN/A
Since Inception **

* Trailing 12 months     ** Average Annual Return

Jonís Managed Stock Folios

As of 01/29/2015Multi-Cap GrowthMorningstar US Growth Index
1 Mo-.12%-1.31%
3 Mo+6.01%+3.62%
12 Mo+15.73%+16.04%
5 YrN/AN/A
10 YrN/AN/A
Since Inception 7/9/12**+24.98%+18.10%

As of 01/29/2015Multi-Cap ValueMorningstar US Value Index
1 Mo-1.85%-4.32%
3 Mo+2.39%+.11%
12 Mo+14.61%+8.20%
5 YrN/AN/A
10 YrN/AN/A
Since Inception 7/9/12**+22.44%+14.86%

As of 01/28/2015ContrarianS&P 500
1 Mo-7.03%-4.12%
3 Mo-7.40%+1.51%
12 Mo-4.78%+15.17%
5 Yr
10 Yr
Since Inception 9/21/12**+7.99%+16.78%

** Average Annual Return Since Inception



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